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I teach Hatha Flow yoga classes here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, during the week and weekend open to the public. Currently, I teach at Caribeans, Tierra de Sueños and Hotel Puerto Viejo.

My style of teaching is classic Hatha and I was trained in the Akhanda lineage. Now, I really enjoy incorporating energizing vinyasa flows combined with slow and intentional movements as part of a transformational experience, cultivating strength, focus, awareness, presence and control of the breath (pranayama).

I also have created a Yoga + Writing Workshop which brings together these two amazing creative expressions. The workshop is a reflective and introspective class involving journalling to invite deeper consideration both internally and externally as you explore key poses. It is a hugely revealing excercise to experience the asana from a unique and safe place; to turn within and look through the layers of conditioning and preconception and explore yoga asana with its ancient symbolism and history.

See below for my current schedule in Puerto Viejo. Please contact me for private sessions and the Yoga + Writing Workshop. While I am in the UK over the summer I hope to host some classes in London and perhaps at home in Scotland. Watch this space!

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