Two years ago I was gripped by an idea to move to Australia. So much so that I decided to swap the daily slog and my life in London for a cabin-sized backpack and a one-way ticket to Bangkok. Sure, why not tick off some South East Asia on the way over?

I quickly got the ‘bug’ and joined the world of the vagabonds and digital nomads and, accidentally, fell in love along the way, too. Making memories for life, my partner in crime and I explored the rest of SEA, Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Central America together. So, geographically, that is what got me to where I am today: the lush jungle of Caribbean Costa Rica.

My yoga story is a little different, however, and I’ll leave it for a longer blog post. Yoga had always been a part of my life, albeit in the background for many years. My Mum was an avid practitioner throughout my late teens (and now teacher – go check her out) but I later developed a practice of my own starting out with a few classes before buying my own mat and taking it all a bit more seriously. Little did I know this ‘hobby’ would turn out to play a pivotal part in the next few years – offering the grounding, nourishment, and lessons of compassion that I craved along this journey called life.

I learnt so much during our time on the road, but I was lacking that feeling of ‘coming home’ – call it a cliché – but home wasn’t a place, it was that feeling inside myself; a feeling of authenticity. Throughout my travels I missed my daily practice so much and was called to complete my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 to take my own practice further and facilitate others on their journeys. Since then, I have been teaching in my community, trying to help others find their ‘coming home,’ too.

I am so excited to be a witness to what opportunities open up for me – I have a lot up my sleeve that I plan to manifest! In the meantime, I’m dedicated to getting back in touch with my truth, with what really matters, and to find my purpose: dharma.

So, here, on my little website, you’ll find information about my yoga classes, as well as candid blog posts, some stream of conscious, stories of my personal yoga journey, rituals and routines, what living a ‘yogic lifestyle’ is all about; as well as other musings and meditations from life here in the jungle and tales of backpacking the world.

I hope to see you on the mat one day and in the meantime, enjoy reading – perhaps some of my words will strike a chord in you and help you on your path, too.

Om Shanti




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