Seeking new horizons, but more importantly new adventures, I left behind my life in London for a new challenge in 2016. The plan was to move to Sydney, via a few months in South East Asia, with nothing more than a backpack and some optimism, but I fell in love with travelling and the freedom to freelance along the way. Oh, and I fell in love  along the way, too – that’s part of the real story.

Together we travelled across South East Asia, Europe, North Africa and parts of Central America ticking off 24 new countries in a year and a half. It was a grand adventure and we made memories for life. Now, we’ve decided – after countless days and nights of bed-hopping and backpack-lugging – to lay down some roots. Settling in a vibrant town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, we’ve swapped our nomadic life for a life more aligned with our core values; a life more wholesome and directed towards authentic and sustainable living.

I’ve recently completed my Yoga Teacher Training and have started to teach in our new  community in paradise. While I used to tell tales of our exotic travels, now I will share stories of my personal yoga journey, rituals and routines in my day-to-day life, what living a ‘yogic lifestyle’ is all about, as well as other musings and meditations from life here in the jungle.

I hope you enjoy reading and that, perhaps, some of my words will strike a chord in you and help you on your path, too.




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