The run up to my trip has been somewhat leisurely – I have spent most of the year safe in the knowledge that I had 8 months to plan, prep and save for my jaunt around SE Asia, f839dbb8236390b700a9b8f6ec6ecd31slash my move to Sydney. I was also safe in the knowledge that I had 8 months to get my head around the idea that I was waving goodbye to my family and friends, as well as quitting a great job. Voluntarily.

Now, at t-minus 2 months, let’s look at how my prepping has gone and what I have managed to achieve so far: less of the saving, more of the spending (YOLO); a collection of great inspirational Pinterest boards; an obsession with travel Facebook groups and blogs; a list of scribbles inside a very jazzy glittery notebook entitled ‘Enjoy every day’. 3f401ec9f0649fa6845596e8d7f2ec26

Personally, I think the last 6 months have been pretty productive.

In all seriousness, after booking my flight, I put my planning pants on during those rainy Sundays stuck inside and thought about what really needed to be done in the 236 days I had left before stepping on that plane.

My monthly tasks and targets were anything from saving up x amount of money (important), to handing in my notice in June (important); researching full moon parties (not so important), to booking my injections in August (important); swotting up on travel insurance policies (important – but realistically won’t happen until the last minute) and deciding who to give my trusty Nespresso machine to when I move out of the flat (important).

I have to say I thought this approach was very sensible. I also do love a list.

Still, when people ask me “what are your plans/are you sorted/are you packed yet/have you got your visas/etc” I start off by a) smiling through a stifled groan, then b) admit that I am not packed, I don’t really have a plan and I haven’t sorted a lot of stuff out yet, no.

But this doesn’t mean that I don’t feel ready, or prepared. What I have done is poured over travel blogs, read each and every post about what to pack, how to get from A to B on a sleeper train, what to do if you get bitten by mosquitoes, which beer is the best hair of the dog… So it might not look like I have anything to show for my ‘being prepared’ but in fact most of it is in my head! edd73509d125ed7b2520f779e8b8118a

Now, with under 2 months to go (holyshitballs), I feel quite calm about it all and ready to roll with whatever happens.

Saying that, next month I’ll really have sort myself out.

And actually buy a backpack.

Don’t even talk to me about selling my shoes.


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