dharma dreaming


   ‘Rebirth: the moment when people wake up to their power and start moving towards their freedom’ —  Paolo Coelho


Welcome! Here you’ll find candid blog posts, stream of conscious, and the inner workings of my mind laid bare, along with what inspires me, routines and rituals, and tales of  intrepid adventures around the world.

It covers everything from yoga and wellness, to lifestyle and travel, charting my journey of personal, geographical, and spiritual growth as I work daily at figuring out and living out my purpose – dharma – while trying to become the best version of myself.

What led me to this place was swapping the daily slog and my life in London two years ago for a cabin-sized backpack and a one-way ticket to Bangkok. I quickly got the ‘bug’ and joined the world of the vagabonds, making my way through South East Asia, Europe, Northern Africa and parts of Central America to get me to where I am today: the lush jungle of Caribbean Costa Rica.

While travelling was a life-changing experience – I’ve not stopped for good! – it was time to get back in touch with who I really am, with what matters, and to find my purpose. And this is what brings me to write.



Recent blog posts:

focusing your drishti

Is there someone (a different ‘you’) that you believe you are supposed to be? Does this dream of who you want to be set your heart a-flutter? Do you think about being able to be this person, this authentic you, in the quiet moments when your heart can speak its truth? If you do, then my advice is to not let that idea of that person go. Keep hold of that dream, that desire for authenticity. Harness that feeling of living your truth and direct your drishti, your focus, to embodying this person, fully… [read more]

remember who you are


When I was younger I used to keep a diary. I remember it had bears on the cover and a padlock that I locked religiously to keep my brothers out. I used to write all sorts in there; which boy I fancied at the time, whose house I was sleeping over at – deep stuff – but also things I wanted to manifest, my deepest desires (usually to go out with the boy I fancied) and other wishes and goals important to a pre-pubescent… [read more]

journalling on the bed

the power of manifesting

The power of manifesting has proved itself time and time again, in my life certainly. But what’s not to be taken lightly is the hard bloody work that goes behind it all! Manifesting your life is, actually, quite simple. If you want it badly enough – if you dream it, breathe it, envision it – then you can imagine it into existence… [read more]

the dream is real - the power of manifesting



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